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Well, more about SPILL こぼす. Founded in 2018, the company has spent significant energy to source and curate each product launching in 2020 after many Shinkansen rides and konbini onigiri around Japan.

Finding the solution to bad green tea was the initial focus but now we are part of the revolution. While coffee has had various 'waves' of progression and refinement, tea in the western sphere has been largely neglected. People demand quality coffee, with traceability and nuance, while settling for tea that is of poor quality. This needs to change! Viva la revolución!

The founding team also has a fascination with utilitarian design, beautiful materials and craftsmanship. This is exemplified by the Japanese term shokunin (職人) which is in effect the mastery of a profession or craft. The range of teaware comprises of items that have been selected for their beauty as well as utility, with the makers and designers being shokunin. We had a lot of fun visiting workshops and meeting individuals who have committed their lives to the specialisation of a single craft! Wow...we fail to commit to finishing a series on Netflix.